About Me

The subject matter is not the issue, but merely an instrument which I can express myself in colour, shape and texture. The technique is all important and cannot be compromised.
Yes, I love life, the creation and our Creator and I marvel at the order of the world. Did you ever see the sun not herald the day, or moon her nightly watch in the sky?I am a social artist, but very versatile, and paint all genre. (see website)
I paint oil on canvas and strive for ultimate perfection.
“’Kalinko is endowed with an astonishing understanding of colour. Her technique is reminiscent of watercolour in her thin use of paint, and evocation of light, but, sincere and intrepid in her use of oil” [Robyn Sassen]–Art critic. I use thick impasto paint for further moulding, resulting in a rich oil painting.Corporate collectors include, inter alia, Primedia, Sasfin, and Eskom to mention a few.
Chris Crake said, “Kalinko is an extremely talented and exciting artist, whose work looks beautiful at the same time as having investment value.”
I have and continue to sell to corporate and private collectors, locally and abroad- London, Canada, New York, Australia, France and Israel.

My paintings are depicted on cards, calendars magazines and art books.
I have featured on radio in Australia and South Africa and broadcasted on T.V. I have given public presentations here and abroad. In 1999 I held a presentation for the Johannesburg Art Gallery.

I have no hidden agenda – I LOVE TO PAINT!!

From 2012, due to the huge demand for my paintings, and resulting commissions, there has been no time to accumulate a collection of paintings for an exhibition. Paintings can be viewed at my studio, 1 Bruce Street, Waverley, 2090. Johannesburg.

In the last three decades, I have sold approximately 200 paintings, my prices escalating from R2,500 per painting in 1988 to R50,000 per painting in 2015.

I have also exhibited at The Whitehouse Gallery, Art on the Square, Alive Art, Art International, Errol Boyley, Henry Taylor and the Loop Gallery in Mpumalanga,  plus the exhibitions detailed below:-


1988 Eltham Gallery Australia
1990 BMW Showroom
1990 Crake Gallery
1991 Crake Gallery
1992 Crake Gallery
1993 Crake Gallery
1994 Wolhutters Mpumalanga
1995 Karen Mckerron
2003 WoW Summerplace
2006 Hyde Park
2007 RCHCC


1989 Australia
1993 & 4 Crake
1994 Natalie Knight Gallery
2001 WoW Summerplace
2008 Beyachad
2011 RCHCC
2012 Media House Gallery Melbourne, Australia
2012 The Bradman Gallery Cricket Hall of Fame, Bowral Sydney Australia
2012 Antique Fair – Henry Taylor